How to open your online store in Turkmenistan from scratch?

Every day more and more people make purchases in the most comfortable conditions for themselves – without leaving their homes. This ensures a constant flow of customers from a wide variety of target audiences. The development of the Global Network has provided entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity – to open an online store and trade their goods online.

Porto — WordPress Theme for WooCommerce

Porto — WordPress Theme for WooCommerce

So, how to create an online store yourself and promote your products to the maximum number of customers? A simple step-by-step guide “How to open an online store” will show you the steps to create a profitable online business.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the fact that an online store is in many ways similar to a traditional offline trading business. The only fundamental difference is the distribution channel – the Internet. No one has canceled in online stores logistics, procurement, personnel management, marketing, customer support, etc. – everything that has been working in traditional offline business for a long time. Newbies often forget about this and, as a result, such entrepreneurs often close their online stores without really starting to work.

The purpose of this instruction is to step-by-step disclosure of the methodology for opening an online store, which would significantly increase the likelihood of your business success.

From the idea of ​​opening to a real selling online store, you are just a few steps away. It is important to follow these steps correctly, methodically and professionally. The success of the next steps depends on the competent implementation of the previous one.

You can order a website-shop or catalog-showcase in Turkmenistan here (our website works in Russian)

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