How to choose the right hosting plan.

All our services allow you to host multiple sites within the same hosting tariff plan and differ in server-side quotas that are available for your projects.

The “Blue” tariff plan is ideal for several business card sites or for start-up commercial projects.

The “Green” tariff plan is designed for the operation of several full-fledged projects with an average attendance rate.
The “Red” tariff plan is suitable for full-fledged Internet projects: online stores, visited sites.

All hosting plans are optimized for the work of modern CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, NetCat, Bitrix and others.

The difference between paid hosting and free hosting.

Currently, you can find free hosting services. Why choose paid services when you can get hosting services for free?
Free hosting services have significant drawbacks: low speed; third-party ad units; not guaranteed stability; low security; lack of technical support.
For a commercial project that should be profitable for its owners, this is unacceptable.

Your BRAND in the new WordPress site in the Turkmenistan market

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