I am Webmaster, Head of ARASSA Studio in Turkmenistan – site builder, driver and “inspirer”.

I am sure that today business cannot do without a website.

Of course, if there is a website, then:
• it is convenient for customers to make purchases online
• the company’s recognition is steadily growing
• potential clients are actively attracted by marketing tools
• confidence in the company increases
It is possible to assemble a site on your own using the constructor, but it is a lot of time and effort that is better spent on your business. There is no trust in freelancers: today it promises a cool site for 1,000 manats and even for 500 manats, and tomorrow it disappears in an unknown direction along with your money.

To “spread” a dozen more gullible businessmen to the site.

What web studios guarantee:
• turnkey turnkey solutions
• contract with a guarantee
• technical support

I recommend that you actually do not make mistakes in site building and get the expected result!

Save your money and business!

I advise you to create two sites (Internet projects) in Turkmenistan

One for being found in Google search

Create a business card site, launch an Internet magazine (in the form of a Blog), set up a Business page.

Another one to be found in Yandex search

Create a Web business card (or buy a ready-made version), create a card for your organization in Yandex.Directory, launch the Turbo page.

Develop them in parallel! It will be a big plus for the development of your company (Entrepreneurial business).

Do you want us to help you? Write to us at marketintm@gmail.com or call Ashgabat 680945, 672880

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